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Frédéric DE GROEF

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ULB - LISA CP165/57
50, Av. F.Roosevelt
1050 Bruxelles

Research Topics

keywords : Virtual reality; Human-Computer Interfaces; Interaction techniques;

Currently working on the AURALIAS[1] project, which's main goals are :

  • providing an interactive and immersive audio-visual environment to help architects and acoustic experts design buildings and rooms in which acoustic properties are critical (targeted rooms include amphitheatres, movie theaters, bank halls, auditoriums, ...)
  • using this installation to demonstrate the acoustic performances (as well as the visual aspect) of the room to potential clients, before its actual construction, based on the architects' blueprints.

My main interest resides in the interface of this project, which involves highly detailed 3d environments rendering and intuitive, goal-centered human-computer interactions with those environments, using handheld devices such as PDA's, Tablet PC's & affiliates.

Grab bag

Collection of links, personal projects and opinionated statements.


Master Thesis

Périphérique d'interaction pour la réalité virtuelle - Mémoire de licence, 2007 (in french)

Student projects

Interface 3D à l'aide de deux Wiimotes en stéréoscopie (Projet Info 3)
Etudiants : Sébastien THEYS , Thomas MOUCHART , Ahmed ABDEEN
Promoteurs : Frédéric DE GROEF

Réalisation d'un lutrin virtuel interactif (Projet Info 4)
Etudiants : Anne-Sophie FEYAERTS
Promoteurs : Olivier DEBEIR, Frédéric DE GROEF