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I. Adanja, O. Debeir, V. Megalizzi, R. Kiss, N. Warzée, C. Decaestecker,
Automated tracking of unmarked cells migrating in three-dimensional matrices applied to anti-cancer drug screening.
Experimental cell research, Vol. 316, 2, pp. 181-193, 2010
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/52535
Note : Journal Article
Abstract : In oncology, combating the spread of tumor cells is a clinical need which currently remains unsatisfied. Identifying anti-migratory compounds usually requires in vitro screening of a large number of molecules. Efficient and realistic (i.e., preferably 3D) in vitro tests are thus required in order to quantify the anti-migratory effects of anti-cancer drugs. To remain compatible with high-throughput screening, we focus on assays where unlabeled cells are migrating in 3D transparent gels and are observed under time-lapse 3D phase-contrast microscopy. In this context, we present a method for automatically tracking cells that combines a template matching preprocessing step with a mean-shift process. The preprocessing step consists in performing a correlation of a cell template with each observed volume in order to provide a phase-contrast artifact-free volume where the cells appear as correlation peaks surrounded by smooth gradients. This transformation enables the cells to be efficiently tracked by a mean-shift process. Robustness and efficiency of this approach are qualitatively and quantitatively shown in various experiments. Finally, we successfully applied our method to the quantitative characterization of the anti-migratory impact of cytochalasin-D on cancer cells. In conclusion, our method can efficiently be used for drug screening aiming to evidence drug-induced effects on cell migration in 3D transparent environments, such as matrix gels.

O. Debeir, V. Megalizzi, N. Warzée, R. Kiss, C. Decaestecker,
Videomicroscopic extraction of specific information on cell proliferation and migration in vitro.
Experimental cell research, Vol. 314, 16, pp. 2985-2998, 2008
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/52065
Note : Journal Article
Abstract : In vitro cell imaging is a useful exploratory tool for cell behavior monitoring with a wide range of applications in cell biology and pharmacology. Combined with appropriate image analysis techniques, this approach has been shown to provide useful information on the detection and dynamic analysis of cell events. In this context, numerous efforts have been focused on cell migration analysis. In contrast, the cell division process has been the subject of fewer investigations. The present work focuses on this latter aspect and shows that, in complement to cell migration data, interesting information related to cell division can be extracted from phase-contrast time-lapse image series, in particular cell division duration, which is not provided by standard cell assays using endpoint analyses. We illustrate our approach by analyzing the effects induced by two sigma-1 receptor ligands (haloperidol and 4-IBP) on the behavior of two glioma cell lines using two in vitro cell models, i.e., the low-density individual cell model and the high-density scratch wound model. This illustration also shows that the data provided by our approach are suggestive as to the mechanism of action of compounds, and are thus capable of informing the appropriate selection of further time-consuming and more expensive biological evaluations required to elucidate a mechanism.


A. Schenkel, R. Ercek, B. Penelle, A. Hubrecht, T. Saroléa, N. Warzée,
Tridimensional laser scanning to retrieve engineering site drawings. The experience of the Brussels Park Bunker rehabilitation project.
2011 International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D 2011), Liège, Belgium, 2011
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/148261
Note : Language of publication: na

S. Safin, A. Defays, A. Billon, C. Decaestecker, N. Warzée,
Influence d’images évocatrices et distractrices sur une t{\^a}che de jugement en acoustique des salles
IHM 2009, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, pp. 241-248, 2009
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/71594
Note : Language of publication: en

N. Warzée, M. Groenen, J. Rosoux, O. Debeir, R. Ercek, C. Reichling,
Numérisation 3D de la grotte d'El Castillo (Puente Viesgo)
Actes du colloque Virtual Retrospect 2007, pp. 221-229, 2009
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/71566
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R. Ercek, D. Viviers, N. Warzée,
Reconstruction and Digitalization of an archaeological site, Itanos, Crete
International Meeting on Archaeology and Graphic Informatics, ARQUEOLOGICA 2.0, pp. 6, Sevilla (Spain), 2009
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/127110
Note : Language of publication: en

O. Debeir, I. Adanja, N. Warzée, P. Van Ham, C. Decaestecker,
Phase contrast image segmentation by weak watershed transform assembly
Proceedings of 5th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging : From Nano to Macro (ISBI), pp. 724-727, ISBI)(Paris, France, 2008
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/53020
Note : Language of publication: en