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Phone.:++32.2.650.26.93 fax:++32.2.650.47.13

ULB - LISA CP165/57
Av. F.Roosevelt, 50
1050 Bruxelles

General informations

  • IT & Research Engineer
  • Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (2002).


  • Signal processing : EEG, vocal, ...
  • Post-processing of 3D scans
  • GNSS (GPS) Channel Modeling : study of NLOS-Multipath
  • Management of research projects in signal processing & 3D

Technical activities

  • Informatic management
    • Website administration : development, update and configuration
    • Network and computers administration
  • 3D Scanners
    • Scanning missions
    • Post-processing


D. Bonatto, S. Rogge, A. Schenkel, R. Ercek, G. Lafruit,
Explorations for Real-Time Point Cloud Rendering of Natural Scenes in Virtual Reality
International Conference on 3D Imaging, 2016
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/239092
Note : Language of publication: fr

X. Fan, R. Ercek, N. Gaspard, X. De Tiege, L. Benjamin, A. Nonclercq, others,
Study of dynamics underlying epileptic seizure crisis based on a neural mass model
Conference: (2016: Prague), 2016
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/238283
Note : Language of publication: fr

X. Fan, R. Ercek, N. Gaspard, A. Nonclercq,
Analysis of a neural mass model that simulates epileptiform/background eeg activities
14th Belgian Day on Biomedical Engineering - joint meeting with IEEE EMBS Benelux Chapter, 2015
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/225786
Note : Language of publication: fr

M. Gilson, G. Deliens, R. Leproult, A. Bodart, A. Nonclercq, R. Ercek, P. Peigneux,
REM‐Enriched Naps Are Associated with Memory Consolidation for Sad Stories and Enhance Mood‐ Related Reactivity
Brain sciences, 2015
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/223113
Note : Language of publication: fr

A. Schenkel, R. Ercek, B. Penelle, A. Hubrecht, T. Saroléa, N. Warzée,
Tridimensional laser scanning to retrieve engineering site drawings. The experience of the Brussels Park Bunker rehabilitation project.
2011 International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D 2011), Liège, Belgium, 2011
Bibtex : info:hdl:2013/148261
Note : Language of publication: na

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