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Cellular imaging


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Cellular Imaging




Project description

A complete device was developed by the SLN/LISA laboratory for monitoring cancer cell behavior and providing a large number of video sequences.

The aim of this device is to permit the observation during several days of in vitro cell cultures by means of phase-contrast microscopy, in order to automatically detect and quantify specific behavior patterns, such as cell motility, cell division, cell death...

Specific image acquisition and analysis software packages have been developed for different applications related to the analysis of cell behavior in standard 2D cultures as well as in 3D matrix gels. This project has been supported by the F.R.M.S. and the Télévie program from the F.N.R.S. (Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research).

This application is a good example of the vertical integration of a complete system from the assisted time-lapse microscopy and image analysis system at the service of the state of the art in cancer research.

The Cellular Imaging project is :

  • incubator prototyping
  • thermo-regulation
  • image acquisition
  • image analysis
  • motion parameter evaluation
  • division parameter evaluation
  • cancer cell migration study
  • anti-cancer drug screening
Thermoregulated incubator
Cancer cells in a 3D gel



Open source tracking code ivctrack.


Example of a tracking achieved on a phase contrast video sequence : Media:Zoom_xVid.avi (xVid codec)‎

High-resolution celltracking sequence [1]

Mitosis tracking detail [2]

Pie-shaped multi-meanshift tracking details [3]

Large population tracking [4]

Mitosis detection [5]

Representative publications