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Research activities

"Interactive exploration of complex geometric environments"

Interactive visualization of extremely complex geometric environments is becoming an increasingly important field of computer graphics. Applications are urban walktrough or flytrough, visualization of CAD set, virtual reality, ... Though the throughput of graphics hardware over the past decade has improved dramatically, the demand for performance continues to outpace the supply, as virtual scenes containing many millions of polygons become increasingly common. In order to rapidly visualize truly complex scenes, rendering algorithms must intelligently limit the number of geometric primitives rendered in each frame.

Numbers of methods exist to do this: Level of Detail modeling, visibility culling, image-based rendering and impostors,...

We decided to focus on visibility culling and impostor utilisation.

Important gidelines of the work:

  • necessity of real time performance
  • utilisation of low-end computers (such as PC) to implement the algorithms, in place of the commonly used high-end systems


Etude et modélisation du comportement d'un plan d'eau en vue de sa représentation en images de synthèse, Master thesis, Université Libre de Bruxelles, june 2000 (in French)

Les imposteurs tridimensionnels, DEA master thesis, Université Libre de Bruxelles, june 2002 (in french)