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INFO-H-500 Image acquisition and processing

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Lectures content

  • introduction
    • principles of human vision
    • image acquisition (CCD,CMOS,others) image latices
    • image sampling
  • image representation (level quantification, spatial quantification,false color, palet)
    • color systems
    • multispectral imaging (remote sensing)
    • Reconstruction techniques
    • tomography
  • image information
    • image entropy
    • coocurence matrix
    • lossy image compression (jpeg/dct)
    • Huffman encoding
    • run length encoding
    • image pyramid (compression)
  • image enhancement
    • histogram based methods
    • geometric transform
    • image warping
    • seam carving
    • linear filtering
    • Fourier transform
    • raster removal
    • rank filters
    • bi-lateral filtering
    • rotating filter
    • wavelet transform
  • edge detection
    • image derivatives
    • Canny edge detection
    • diffusion based edge detection
  • morphomathematics
    • Morphological algorithms
    • Morphological texture analysis
    • Morphological thinning and skeletonizing
    • Ultimate Eroded Point (UEP)
    • Euclidian Distance Map (EDM)
    • The watershed transform
    • breast calcification detection
  • segmentation
    • intro
    • optimal, entropy, percentile threshold
    • Otsu threshold
    • 2D threshold
    • gaussian mixture
    • condensation algorithm
    • graph-cuts
    • hierarchical
    • region growing
    • split and merge
    • image statistics (for segmentation)


A new version of the course material is now based on ipython notebooks Info-h500 on github

online view of the notebooks (version 2017-2018)

in case of problem, a snapshot is available here, the version may be outdated, the very last version is on the github repository.

Version control with Git

Slides and code examples (old version)


supporting material




All the laboratories handouts and solutions are available on the Virtual University.


reference books used

Annotated image processing bibliography

List of publications in computer graphics conferences (Siggraph, Siggraph Asia, EuroGraphics, HPG, I3D, ...)

Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision (Third Edition)