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Image Processing Lab Manager - IT Project Manager (CMMI)

Master of engineering, master in computer science with experience (or a PhD degree) related to image processing.


Applications are invited for a lab manager position to work at the Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (CMMI) in Biopark Charleroi Brussels South, Belgium. CMMI provides the scientific community (universities and private companies) with an integrated and efficient preclinical imaging platform. You will have close interaction with the multidisciplinary team of the center. You will have access to the state of the art pre-clinical imaging systems. You will be responsible for the image data management and original image analysis developments for the facility

Contact person: Olivier Debeir ​

Protontherapy project

  • 1 PostDOC position and
  • 1 PhD position

on the following topics:

PET/CT/MRI and Whole Slide Imaging registration for pre-clinical applications

The analysis of the tissue at the microscopic level is essential to validate the relevance of a radiotracer or the effect of a treatment. The major difficulty is to be able to match the in vivo, anatomical (MRI, CT) or functional (fMRI, PET, SPECT), images with histological images obtained using whole slide imaging (WSI), which is becoming the standard in Digital Pathology. The project aims to map the data from these two levels of analysis (macro/micro). These developments will help to validate the relevance of new PET tracers and new functional imaging methods (fMRI with or without contrast agent) by correlating macroscopic in vivo imaging with the detailed analysis at the histological level, notably through the use immunohistochemistry (IHC). IHC markers can target proteins with functions involved in tumorigenesis, the effect of anti-tumor treatments and the response of the host tissue, including specific markers of cell proliferation, death (apoptosis), hypoxia, angiogenesis and inflammation.

Realtime registration of intermodality preclinical images

Protontherapy needs a precise alignment of the beam with the patient’s tumor because of the mode of treatment, which is provided as dose fractions. In a pre-clinical framework (using animal models), the problem is enhanced because the animal posture changes more than for human (e.g. spine can be highly curved in various directions). The aims of the research is to study in vivo image registration for small animals for several acquisition modalities (CT, MRI, PET and SPECT, CBCT).