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ULB - LISA CP165/57
50, Av. F.Roosevelt
1050 Bruxelles

Research Topics

integrated Digital Operating Theater
Keywords : Operating Room of the Future (ORF), Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS), Surgical PACS (S-PACS), Surgical Workflow (S-WK)

Currently working on the “integrated Digital Operating Theater” (iDOT) project.

The main goals of this project are :

  • To develop a complete integration system of all information sources inside the operating room (OR);
  • To build an archiving system for all these information sources with post-operative temporal rescaling (synchronization);
  • To provide a computer-assisted surgery system based on surgical workflow (SWf) modeling.

PhD Thesis

«Design of a computer-assisted surgery system based on surgical procedure modeling through temporal rescaling of data and semantic registration of metadata.»

The main goal of this PhD thesis is to design a computer assisted surgery system based on surgical workflow (SWf) modeling, intra-operative data and metadata acquired during the operation. For the SWf modeling, workflow-mining techniques will be developed based on dynamic learning and incremental inference. An ontology will be used to describe the various steps of the surgery and their attributes.

This thesis is supported by the F.R.I.A. and has started on October 1st , 2007.

Master Thesis

OR Media Center
«Développement d’une application de contrôle des flux d’information multimédia d’une salle d’opération» (U.L.B. 2007)

With the introduction of more and more technologies in the operating room (OR), surgeons have to manage many sources of information. There is a lack of a fully integrated solution with centralized control through which the surgeon could manage all the information's sources of the operating room. This master thesis proposes solutions for an integrated system for the distribution of the multimedia sources among multiple displays and for the surgeon-to-computer interaction.

For the Master Thesis, I implemented a C++ cross-platform software (OR Media Center) through which the surgeon can select the information sources to display on wall and arm-mounted screens and control them. This prototype is operational and daily used by the OR staff of the Department of Neurosurgery (U.L.B. Erasme Hospital) from Augustus 2007.

First test of the OR Media Center software - May 2007 - Department of Neurosurgery (U.L.B. Erasme Hospital)



  • 3ème prix du meilleur poster scientifique, Association Française des Ingénieurs Biomédicaux (A.F.I.B.), 2008.
  • 3ème prix A.Ir.Br. 2007 du meilleur mémoire de fin d'études (MFE) vulgarisé, Association royale des Ingénieurs sortis de l’Université libre de Bruxelles (A.Ir.Br.), feb, 2008. | Icon_pdf.pngPM_ResumeMFE_AIrBr.pdf
  • Prix d'excellence (1er de la filière biomédicale), Faculté des Sciences Appliquées, Université Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.), jul, 2007.