Thursday, 21 February 2019

Virtual reconstruction of Potteries


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Patrick DUNHAM - Nadine WARZEE

Project description

The goal of the project is to develop different techniques which allow assisting the archaeologist in is work, as much as in the data acquisition
(3D numerization of pottery shred) as in the processing of the virtual 3D models acquired. We will focus on the pottery studies,
of which the shreds are, in the most common case, the larger part of the objects found on archaeological excavation.
We will focus on different problems for which the computer science could bring an important aid :

  • First of all, the numerization of the geometry and the texture of the shreds, follow by the combination of the two different kinds of informations.

  • Then, making the drawing of the shreds, by automatically computing their orientation and extract their profil.

    OrientationFragment.jpg ProfilFragment.jpg
  • The reconstruction of a pottery from their shred, by associations tests of each pairs of shreds, based on characteristics computed from 3D models.
  • From the complete shape of a pottery, it is possible to estimate the inner volume. We develop techniques to compute approximation
    of this volume – in numerical data or even with production of concrete replica – and to validate it on virtual reconstruction of non fragmented pottery.

    ReconstitutionPoterie.jpg CalculCapacite.jpg
  • • Finally, we will develop a data base regrouping every 3D model of shred, with their former computed characteristics.

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