Tuesday, 14 July 2020

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LISA is involved in research and development in two main topics of applied sciences : image analysis and computer graphics.

In the field of image analysis and pattern recognition, LISA develops new methods for object segmentation in digital images, based on classification and decision theory, as well as for tracking mobile objects in image sequences. Developed algorithms and applications cover 2D and 3D problems and are most of the time related to medical problems such as: automatic in vitro 2D & 3D cell tracking for characterization of cell migration and proliferation, characterization of pigmented skin lesions, tissue-based biomarkers, pulmonary emphysema and articulation cartilage.

Image synthesis and virtual reality research activities are oriented towards medical and real time applications such as : virtual fracture reduction, computer-assisted liver surgery, generation and 3D real time rendering of trees and object collision, visibility computation in complex environments, gestural interface, 3D modeling and real time rendering of various phenomena like hair, tissues, water, fire,...

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