Stephan HAHN (PhD Researcher)


tel.:++32.2.650.26.91 fax:++32.2.650.22.98

ULB - LISA CP165/57 50, Av. F.Roosevelt 1050 Bruxelles Belgium

PhD Thesis

My thesis is about the multiparametric analysis of liver function using MRI acquisitions. This analysis can bring to the development of new functional maps, helpfull for the radiologists during the case reading and during the surgery planning.

Cardiac-driven liver movements cause artifacts on diffusion-weighted MRI (DW-MRI) depending on the acquisition timing. It was manually shown that the artifact is reduced using proper synchronization timing. We automatize this process using optical flow to characterize the displacement, velocity, and acceleration inside the liver, and we used a phase-based motion amplification method to illustrate the cardiac-driven movements inside the right liver lobe.

Measurement of the hepatic function before a hepatectomy is a standard process during surgery planning. We have developed a quantification tool to simulate the hepatic function based on Primovist (Eovist U.S.), before and after the surgery. This tool could help physicians with information about future remanent liver function.

Liver elastography is a trending method, proposing good clinical indications concerning the degree of fibrosis. We propose to use an intrinsic motion elastography model using the heart as an inductor for the characterization of the left liver lobe elasticity.


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